Glass showers

We are manufacturers of glass showers on the South Shore, with more than 40 years of expertise in glass design.

Glass showers, a clear choice

Bring out the uniqueness of your shower with glass walls, perfect for highlighting mosaic, stainless steel and the beauty of your ceramic. Opt for thermoformed doors or walls, irregular cuts and original colour or crystal patterns. And why not heighten the level of sophistication with a glass handle?

ShowerGuard® Glass: When quality and design come together

Verre Le Futur is an official ShowerGuard® Glass dealer: excellence in anti-stain glass. We are proud to offer a product that comes with a lifetime guarantee to retain its impeccable appearance and that can be worked into any custom design according to your tastes.

Reveal the full beauty of your washroom with glass and mirrors

Thermoformed glass furnishings

Elegance, distinction and lightness, here is what Verre Le Futur can bring to the décor of your bathroom with thermoformed glass. Whether it's for a vanity unit, a sink or a floating shelf, count on our creativity and experience to design well-coordinated and original pieces.

Our mirrors tick all of your boxes: above a vanity unit or to camouflage a pharmacy, they can be arranged with brass and bronze, or decorated with mosaic. We can cover entire ceilings and walls for the effect of added height or an optical illusion. Just ask! And if you need advice, our designer will be happy to visit your home to explore your options and possibilities.


Here are some of our projects